What Dog Fighters Don’t Want You to Know: Considerations for the Justice Professional

What Dog Fighters Don't Want You to Know: Considerations for the Justice Professional
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-08-27
Unit 1 Handout: What Dog Fighters Don’t Want You to Know
Unit 2 Recording: What Dog Fighters Don’t Want You to Know

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  • What to look for in a possible dogfighting case
  • Identifying the dogfighter’s equipment and paraphernalia.
  • What’s the equipment used for and how?
  • What are the dogfighters thinking?
  • What are the dogfighters doing to keep you off their trail?
  • Questions you can ask.
  • Answers to expect during interviews and which probing questions to ask.
  • What you can do to make sure you have probable cause for dogfighting.

Audience Comments:

  • “Thank you so much, for your passion in getting this message out. … The vocabulary alone is fascinating to learn….” — Pamela
  • “I learned additionally what I can look for. Some of these things I have read about, but the pictures were very good.” — Beth
  • “Very informative, especially with regard to their own ‘language.'” — Cynthia
  • “Well done. It is a lot of information for only 1 hour and it was presented very well. Thank you.” — Gina
  • “The layout, equipment, and how the fighters hold and keep their dogs was the most valuable thing I learned. It will be something I keep an eye out for when I go do home visits.” — Michael
  • “Every time I participate in “new to me” topics, it’s like learning a foreign language. There were too many valuable things learned, and they were all GREAT! The terminology stood out as well.” — Marilyn



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