What Happens When You Get Sued: The Civil Litigation Process for Law Enforcement Officers

What Happens When You Get Sued: The Civil Litigation Process for Law Enforcement Officers
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-08-22
Unit 1 Slide Deck: What Happens When You Get Sued
Unit 2 Recording: What Happens When You Get Sued

Your job brings you in contact with the criminally accused, but now you are called the “defendant” in a civil case. What are the steps in civil litigation? Is your money, your house at risk? Is a settlement like a plea bargain where you admit your “guilt”? How can a civil case affect your career? Learn:

  • When and how the city, town, or county will provide counsel to represent you.
  • How the discovery process, from interrogatories, document production, and deposition will require disclosure of personal information about your background, training, experience, and prior discipline, and how you can prevent public disclosure outside the case.
  • How to prepare for your testimony at trial, what to wear, where to sit, and how the jury will view your demeanor.
  • Why a no-fault settlement may be better than trial for your career as a law enforcement officer.


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Audience Comments:

  • “Tips for line-level officers on how they can prepare, and protect themselves.” — Jim
  • “I was worried the presentation would be mostly legal terms–which are hard to follow…but then the presenter started mixing in real-life examples. And then it was MUCH easier to follow the jargon. Bravo for tackling such a MASSIVE topic in just 60 minutes! I also didn’t realize the percentage of lawsuits after an arrest/incident was so low. One in every 1000 is a LOT lower than I thought from watching the news–glad he pointed that out! Thank you!” — L
  • “Since our organization and humane officers are being sued for busting a puppy mill (including all volunteers, such as Board of Directors, those who helped with the search warrant execution via crate assembly, vet exam, photos, and other evidence gathering, etc.), this webinar hit many important points. Fortunately, we have good attorneys!” — Marilyn
  • “Knew most of it (have been sued 3 times). Listened in to see if there was anything new. Great re-fresher. Thanks.” — Thom



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