Working with Sexual Assault Survivors with Disabilities

Working with Sexual Assault Survivors with Disabilities
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-04-01
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Working with Sexual Assault Survivors with Disabilities
Unit 2 Recording: Working with Sexual Assault Survivors with Disabilities

3/26/2020: We have closed registrations for this webinar to ensure that everyone is able to access the live session.


This webinar will provide an overview of the dynamics of sexual violence, specifically as it relates to people with disabilities. We will provide an overview of disability culture, language, and etiquette skills that will help criminal justice professionals provide better interactions and promote client empowerment and independence. Attendees will learn how to better serve survivors in this community in order to increase safety and improve survivors’ experience working with responders.


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Audience Comments

  • “Every piece of information is useful. Topics were mentioned that I didn’t even consider. I will definitely share this information and inquire as to whether or not we are prepared to help someone with disabilities of all types.” — Amber
  • “Great webinar! the information was very useful.” — Alexis
  • “It was a very productive Webinar. So much to learn about this sensitive topic. Thank you!” — Ambar
  • “Awesome historical information and important points to remember when dealing with a person with disabilities.” — Aline
  • “Originally coming from working with those with disabilities into prevention, it is nice to see the consideration for those with disabilities. I am often helping my team discuss what would work well in the services we would provide or what we need to outsource.” — Brianna
  • “Very good full overview of types of disabilities and what agencies/advocates should be doing when working with survivors with disabilities.” — Julie
  • “This webinar was wonderful and really made me think about how we can be better accessible for survivors with disabilities. One part that really stuck out to me was thinking about if someone who was deaf walked into our agency, how quickly would we be able to make accommodations to serve them?? As of now, I believe we would have to scramble, which I don’t like. We will definitely be doing more agency-wide trainings on this subject. Thank you so much!” — Brittany
  • “Everything was very informative and explained clearly. Thank you and looking forward to the other webinars.” — Juany
  • “So much great information. I really appreciated all the clarification about terminology and ways to collaborate with other service providers.” — Mary
  • “I did not realize this community was so hesitant to report sexual assaults. I am a detective and have had numerous disabled persons report being a victim of sexual assaults. This video was very helpful, thank you.” — Megan
  • “I thought the section on how to be inclusive as an agency for people with a disability was extremely important. I really enjoyed this webinar.”   –Renee


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