Animal Cruelty Investigations and Prosecutions

Animal Cruelty Investigations and Prosecutions
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Animal cruelty is more than just a legal issue, it’s a community issue. If you improve animal welfare in a community, you improve public safety for everyone. This webinar discusses why people are cruel to animals, why it is important for investigators to take animal abuse seriously, types of animal abuse, crime scene investigations, preparing a case for prosecution and the trial of an animal abuse case. 




The National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse was established by the National Sheriffs’ Association to provide law enforcement officers information on the realities of animal abuse and to promote their proactive involvement in the enforcement of animal abuse laws in their communities. Through our partners, the Center will serve as an information clearinghouse and forum for law enforcement on the growing problem of animal abuse and its link to other types of crimes, including violence against humans. The Center also promotes officer safety in officer-dog encounters through continuing education and training.



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