Beyond Body-Worn: Boulder County’s Digital Evidence Strategy

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Successful investigations all rely on an agency’s ability to make the connections between various types of digital evidence. While the volume, size, and complexity of digital evidence are growing, the timelines for investigations are shrinking. Hear directly from Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and learn how their department is leveraging body-worn cameras, an evidence-grade smartphone camera application, and digital evidence management software to effectively capture video footage, instantly upload multimedia files from any location, and quickly access content for review or redaction – all while maintaining evidence integrity.

  • Boulder County’s technology in use and decision-making process (policy, political and operational) when evaluating and implementing a new system
  • How Boulder leveraged existing investments and streamlined workflows with a phased approach, instead of ‘rip and replace’
  • How an end-to-end solution streamlines digital evidence from capture in the field or jail all the way through maintenance, storage and transfer for litigation
  • Real results, benefits, and lessons learned from Boulder’s implementation and the impact to the department and community



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