Differentiating by Risk and Enhancing Skill Building Techniques to Motivate Positive Change

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Wed, May 22nd, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
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Learn how Lee County Probation (Florida) implemented a series of targeted programs to achieve remarkable outcomes that include reductions in both recidivism and new law violations over 15-percent, along with significant client gains. The webinar will discuss how implementing differentiated case supervision, motivational interviewing, skill building, and risk and needs assessments has increased success rates and reduced recidivism in Lee County. This webinar provides information about how the County uses risk assessments to differentiate probationers by risk level and specific needs to enable emphasis on high-risk probationers and ensure appropriate resources are tailored to the probationer.  The session will also discuss how Officers are trained to use a needs assessment and provides insight into how Lee County incorporates motivational interviewing and skill-building techniques to identify probationer needs and motivate positive change.


This webinar is part of the 2019 #Catalyst4Change Awards. Other webinars in this series include:



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