Family Abductions Part 1: NCMEC Resources for Domestic and International Family Abductions

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Every year children in the United States are wrongfully removed or retained by a parent or family member. When a child is abducted by a family member, the parent who has been left behind faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The emotional, legal, and financial difficulties precipitated by the abduction can be among the hardest challenges a parent will ever encounter. For parents whose children are taken to or retained in foreign countries, these hardships can be particularly overwhelming. Despite these obstacles, however, searching family members can mobilize an effective response. NCMEC provides technical assistance and support to families, law enforcement and attorneys in the prevention of family abductions and assists in locating and recovering missing children. This presentation offers descriptions and realistic assessments of available civil and criminal remedies, explains applicable laws, and identifies resources and strategies to help searching parents recover their children.


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