How to Launch an Elder Abuse Multidisciplinary Team – and Why

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Complex elder abuse cases cannot be effectively managed in organizational silos. Assisting older adults who are suffering, often in silence, takes a Multidisciplinary Team. MDTs are powerful interventions that provide a streamlined, person-centered, rapid response. Based on previous successes, New York State is expanding the MDTs to many more counties – urban, suburban and rural. Learn how to launch this powerful intervention in your community.

Presenters will share:

  • How successful case review MDTs were launched around NYS – in urban, suburban and rural communities
  • Definitions of the different types of MDTs
  • The fundamentals of a case review elder abuse Multidisciplinary Team, including role of MDT Coordinator, key partners, location, commitment and consistency, ground rules, meeting flow, and, importantly, case identification. “How to” and “Why to” articles included.
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