Making Your Words An Asset Not A Liability: How To Improve What You Say and How You Say It

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With up to 80% of all organizational problems rooted in poor communication, employees and supervisors are not nearly as adept as they should be in the way they send and receive messages. Additionally, many times employees are not immediately aware of when their messages get received in ways they do not intend. This creates situations where individuals are ineffective, especially when they are communicating with those who they perceive to be very challenging or different from themselves. This course will explore all the components of interpersonal communication, teach strategies to enhance communication skills, and help participants understand how and why miscommunication occurs. Participants will also learn about how the masks we wear and invisible filters we use distort the messages we send and receive and how to overcome these barriers.


This is part 1 of a two-part series.  Click here to register for Part 2 “Turning Conflict into Conversation” on December 11.




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