Mindfulness in Domestic Violence Work: Working with DV Offenders (Part II)

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Thu, Jun 20th, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
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Thu, Jun 20th, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PT

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There is a strong focus — and a plethora of training — on the benefits of being trauma-informed and mindful when working with victims of crime, particularly DV and Sex Assault. However, what if we take these same topics and turn the tables to really look at how these same principles impact our work with the perpetrators of these crimes? We all know the perpetrators “size us up” at the same time we are doing the same with them; so what happens when we aren’t prepared—when we aren’t being mindful? This webinar will look to examine how impactful our self-awareness or lack thereof plays a role in investigating and/or supervising the perpetrators we work with.

In Part 2 of this two-part series, we will look at the importance of being mindful when working with Domestic Violence offenders. Topics of discussion will include:

  • A description of mindfulness
  • Research to support the importance of being aware of our judgments,
  • Beliefs and attitudes when working these cases
  • Potential problems that may arise in working with victims and offenders when we let these judgments get in the way.

Be sure to join us on May 23 for Part 1 when we examine mindfulness when working with Domestic Violence Victims.

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