Recipes for Controlling the Emotional Hijack When Roasted, Shaken, and Stirred Amid Crisis

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When the stakes are high and emotions are strong, staff may understandably struggle to maintain composure and communicate effectively. Overcoming the emotional strangle that occurs when the brain is hijacked by fight or flight reflexes is essential for the restoration of safe and productive dialogues with distressed or aggressive persons. Attendees of this webinar will review disruptive yet predictable behavioral patterns of inmates, practice the elements of speaking persuasively and calmly when under duress, and apply sensible de-escalation strategies for safe and effective exchanges with dysregulated inmates. Taking information beyond theory, this webinar is designed to provide practical and well-defined diffusion techniques, ensuring attendees leave with clear recipes for success.

  • Review predictable characterological and personality patterns commonly seen in the jail population.
  • Examine strategies to convey empathic and attentive listening to individuals in distress.
  • Succinctly describe the neuroscience of fight or flight emotional outbursts that hijack logical cognitive processes and decision-making.
  • Construct specific recipes for effective communication when under duress and perceiving threats to safety.
  • Prepare practical de-escalation techniques to diffuse potentially violent situations.


Falcon, Inc. is a nationwide consulting and management firm that brings together the most distinguished and credentialed leaders in Correctional Mental Health. With dozens of specialized correctional mental health experts and hundreds of years of collective experience, Falcon Inc. exists to ensure jail and prison programs are successful and effectively address the unique challenges of the mental health population. Whether it’s establishing sustainable care, increasing inmate and staff safety, reducing liability, refining systems or reintegration strategies, Falcon Inc. creates custom plans to meet the industry’s most complex mental health needs.

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