Rights of Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies and other Law Enforcement Professionals

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As a law enforcement officer, you must serve and protect. But what rights do police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and other police professionals have, both for on an off-duty conduct? And what are your obligations if you are a supervisor or manager? This program will give you the essentials on free speech and association, due process in disciplinary matters, right to officer privacy, regulation of off-duty conduct, prevention of harassment and discrimination, and the right to legal representation. You will learn:

  • Restrictions on free speech and the right of association on and off-duty.
  • Protections against self-incrimination and right to counsel in criminal and administrative investigations.
  • Conduct that can be disciplined and procedural safeguards in the disciplinary process.
  • Protection of privacy on and off-duty.
  • Regulation of secondary employment.
  • Freedom from harassment and discrimination.
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