The Connection between Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Employees of law enforcement agencies are expected to practice ethical conduct in both their personal lives and professional lives.  Overall, the law enforcement industry hires men and women who meet the ethical expectations of society.  However, there is a need to address the ethical conduct of the organizations for which the individuals spend a lifetime working.  The expectations of an organization for its employees to act in an ethical manner must be reinforced with the ethical actions of the organization itself.  Without reinforcement from the organization practicing ethical conduct, an employee may be less inclined to operate in an ethical manner.  Fortunately, most law enforcement officers will conduct themselves in an ethical manner irrespective of the ethical conduct of their organization.  However, some employees may use the unethical practices of an organization to justify their own unethical behaviors.  Recognizing the impact of ethical conduct expectations for the individual and the organization allows manager to further develop the ethical practices internally and externally for its public safety personnel.


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