Understanding the Dark Web: Challenges & Case Studies for Justice Professionals

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Criminal activity has always sought to remain hidden from law enforcement.  Traditionally, this often meant committing crimes at night, without witnesses, or finding physical ways to disguise or confuse the offender’s identity (e.g. masks, attire, speed).   Online environments present new opportunities for criminals, as physical contact is reduced and more daily activity (particularly financial) takes place on the internet.  Even then, there is a specific portion of the internet in which there has been significant criminal enterprise – the Dark Web.  The “dark” portion of the internet (dark web within the dark net) uses both encryption and anonymization not seen in the “surface web,” which can stymie criminal investigators. This webinar will cover the history and background of the Dark Web, the unique challenges presented for criminal investigators, case studies of successful investigations, and what the most significant needs are to get law enforcement apace with criminal activity on the Dark Web.




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